Crooked Nails


Of course it’s hard, you need to learn about Domain Registration, Hosting, Content Management Systems, Search Engines and languages you’ve never heard of.

That’s before you’ve even thought about what content you need.

Colours? Logo? Images? Marketing Blurb? Product Inventory? Payment Gateways?

You need a website to support and grow your business, not so you can learn how to be a Web Designer. By the time you’ve learnt about the technology, how to operate it and how to market yourself online, you’ll have realised that you haven’t spent any time developing your business.

That’s not going to get you on Dragon’s Den, is it?

There are many Website Builder Services and Hosts out there today. If you’re up to the challenge, building your own site from scratch is an exciting and rewarding process, especially if you’re on top of your company’s branding, styling, marketing material and social networking, and you have a grasp of today’s web technology.

If you’re not, getting yourself online can be a confusing headache, and hold more questions than answers.

We have walked the path to delivering quality business websites with companies and individuals who have started from scratch and now have a sharp, modern representation of their business on the internet, on a stable, flexible and expandable platform.

Those clients know a lot more about building and running a website than they did when they started. Many of them know it’s something they need to take seriously, and keep an eye on but not necessarily have to feed 4 hours a day and distract themselves from what they really want to do.

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