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Running a website involves many facets when trying to attract and convert visitors. Establishing a presence online is just the beginning.

Webworks’ Intelligence services provide the statistics, metrics and guidance needed to truly understand the performance of your website and behaviour of your visitors. We provide essential intel for site owners concerned with organic search as a digital marketing channel, or for those with performance issues experiencing low conversion rates.

From one-off site audits through to monthly companion plans, our suite of intelligence services cut through the veil of confusion surrounding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and User Experience (UX), providing you with the statistical data required to understand your site’s performance, and the expert guidance needed to interpret and act upon it.

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Our Web Intelligence Packages

Site Doctor

Site Doctor is a one-off audit of your website to analyse it’s performance and ranking status with Google’s search indexes.

Using a number of tools from our toolbox, we’ll scan your site and provide you with a report of all items that may need improvement in order to appeal to search engines and improve rankings. From correct use of HTML tags within your content through to page load time measurements, all important factors for good SEO.

Areas included in our audit are:

Site Performance – Response times & correct use of caching, use of images

Security – Configuration and comparison with best practices, use of SSL

Content – Navigation & HTML5 semantic elements, content integrity, use of meta descriptions & schema markup

Searchability – Quality of site construction & observance of current rules for Search Engine Optimisation

Backlinks – An assessment of existing backlinks, their quality / toxicity effect on your organic search rankings

Based on our findings, our report will contain a list of recommendations, categorised as Critical, Important, Desirable and for Consideration. You can use the report to set an action plan for yourself, give it to your developer, or on request we can provide you with a quote for doing the remedial work. Our report will be objective with no obligation to use our services if you already have the resources at your disposal.

Additionally, this package provides a report of keywords your site is currently ranking for in Google searches, their positions and expected monthly volumes. Enlightening information for site owners who are are targeting Organic Search as a source of visitors but who don’t fully understand their site’s ranking positions.

Finally, this package also includes a single call, meeting or Skype video conference to discuss our findings and recommendations. Buyers of this package also receive a discount on any follow up work arising from our analysis.

Site Doctor – £180 + VAT

Webworks tools, SEMrush

The impact of your site’s configuration on organic rankings can’t be underestimated. Just improving page load speeds can have a dramatic effect on your presence in search listings and traffic volumes.


Webworks SEO Companion provides the intelligence and guidance you need to get your website noticed online with organic searches.

Organic search is a black art in an ever-changing environment. Without understanding the ground rules and essential tools for running a search engine compatible website, business owners quickly become frustrated with low traffic and search engine rankings.

Webworks SEO companion provides the information, support and guidance website owners need to get in the game with organic search, starting with initial setup of your site and analytical tools to determine target high value keywords and establish measurement to support monthly reviews and development of follow up actions.

Our monthly SEO Companion package covers the following activities:


  • Keyword research – research and identify up to 20 high value organic search terms to track your site against on a monthly basis
  • Competitor analysis – identify up to 3 competitors to compare your organic rankings and positioning against
  • Site Audit – Identify all the key technical items on your site that need to be addressed to improve rankings
  • Google Analytics* tracking – setup your site for tracking visitor statistics and behaviour
  • Google Webmaster* – setup Google’s search console and configure for optimum indexing on their search engines
  • Backlinks – initial backlink analysis, identify toxic backlinks and strategic recommendations
  • Setup social media monitoring, Twitter cards, Facebook insights (where applicable)

Recurring activities

  • Monthly keyword tracking report
  • Monthly review of traffic statistics & keyword rankings with commentary and recommendations
  • Monthly SEO healthcheck with recommendations for remediation / improvement
  • Monthly review of Google Search console and proactive maintenance / tuning
  • Up to 4 hours ad-hoc maintenance / tuning on site

What’s not included

  • Content development, design, copywriting, graphic design or photography
  • Subscriptions or license fees for 3rd party services
  • Technical support unrelated to Companion services
  • Management of social network accounts

– No minimum term, cancel at any time.

– One website / domain per order only.

– Site review required before acceptance.

*Google Analytics and Google Search Console account required. If you have these already setup we will require you to share them with us. If not, we will create them for you.

£385 /month + £185 Setup fee